Tupac’s former bodyguard ‘who helped rapper fake

The former bodyguard of tupac claims he has evidence his death was faked by that the rapper.

This past year, michael Nice had been reported to have died, but he’s disclosed he faked his own death to show it could be carried out. He says that he has evidence Tupac is still alive.

Michael, who had been the former bodyguard of Tupac, made headlines after he promised shooting that authorities stated had smuggled with the support of President Fidel Castro Tupac claimed his lifetime. He promised to publish evidence.

In December this past year, it had been reported that Michael Nice had died days before he was expected to release proof that demonstrated Tupac is living. Michael has shown he faked his own death.

In a movie posted to YouTube, he states he did exactly what he didn’t evade his enemies.

I faked my death on the 18th of December and I am here now back from the dead to demonstrate I faked my death. I will set the record straight.

Talking from an unknown place, he proceeds:”I know that it’s a shock to most of the men and women who know me but I am back, I am back to describe everything. It needed to be done and I to describe why and that I feel ashamed although I admit I faked my death.

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