Abiodun Komolafe Again: who killed Bola Ige ?

Again, who Murdered Bola Ige? From abiodun KOMOLAFE

It’s ten years because Bola Ige, former governor and Afenifere chieftain of this Oyo State, departed this crazy world of warfare, thanks to a few. Ige was this Federation’s Minister at the time of his departure on December 2-3, 2001.

Near 2 years following the snowy incident, Solemilia Court, no 8, Akinlabi Sanda Close, Bodija at Ibadan, Oyo State, at which this leading nationalist left his last that fateful Sunday day, still conveys a mournful appearance, rescue some few and far between moves in and outside of this chemical. Credible sources demonstrated that the space, where the prior presidential elections has been murdered, remains under lock and key, at your household hope , 1 afternoon, fate will change its intellect and also the uncleansed sacrilege of its patriarch’s murder is going to be solved at the pursuit of justice.

Cicero seized the mood of the plight when he composed:”the expectation of interfering with impunity could be the best incentive to ” JeanJacques Rousseau additionally feared its wicked from the society if he posited that”right as it’s likely to disobey with impunity,” disobedience is valid…”

Yes, we realize that Bola Ige is dead and it has been buried! Blame also a validity of impunity propensity and the naughtiness for providing the ingredients and then employ sanctions.

And there’s not any means to heal impunity when compared to a strike; therefore, if we aren’t getting that component of justice we will be shooting at night; and in targets!

Aminosari Dikibo (2004)! Hassan Olajoku (2005)! Ayodeji Daramola (2006)! Funsho Williams (2006)! Dipo Dina (2010)! Olaitan Oyerinde (2012)! Funke Olakunri (20-19 )! As perhaps even a transaction or even a match, Nigeria is at times and eyes may view it! More into Nigerians’ jolt country has couched titles for killings and it’s also really as though the gods are mad! Back in Katsina, Governor Aminu Masari has become at the forefront of discussions with band its to get”serenity to come back to” President Muhammadu Buhari’s home nation. Other nations are catching the insect! Founded in Kaduna State, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) paid than”N300m because ransom” in just two years”to complimentary over-500″ of its associates by the kidnappers’ den; plus it can be like God has abandoned the Church. And, what can possibly be referred to as half a cup of issues that are bigger in this portrait of falseness and dressing, the group of 500 prophets proceed to loaf around Jehoshaphat and Ahab as the kings march on Syria!

As a consequence of the inter connectedness of all ties cohesion comes for an undeniable simple truth. But those fractures are more pliable, the results are tomb. That security can be a problem is actually really just a standard and just debate! However, where a lion is killed by your dog, the society should recall! Amidst what resembles weak guarantees of retrieval by those chosen and made to protect usLeah Sharibu has included with the variety of Nigerians wasting off in BokoHaram’s custody as the authorities hierarchy currently supposedly pays ransom to kidnappers in market for freedom because of the captured officers,” Nevertheless, it doesn’t looks as though the folks are prepared to accomplish something tangible about it horrible manifestation of this statelessness of the Nigerian country. Everyone keeps moving about their everyday tasks as though nothing is incorrect!

Very Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate composed a letter to the National Assembly

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