How to Sort Gmail Messages by Size

If your Gmail accounts storage is full, Can you do? You can Either buy extra storage space from Google — that they cost $5 annually for 20 GB — or even a more affordable option is that you simply scan your Gmail mailbox for messages which contain big file attachments and delete (or ahead ) all of the larger messages and regain precious space.

The Problem is once Gmail does not give an choice to filter and sort messages how can you locate these messages?

What Here is how you can begin:

Produce a copy of this Gmail Sort Google Sheet on your Google Drive.

Sit Back and unwind since on the message listing will be pulled by the script from the sheet. If the method stops for some reason, the script as well as click Scan Mailbox will restart from where it left off scanning.

When the sheet includes a listing of All of the content that is bulky, you are able to sort the sheet from the Size column to Locate the ones that are huge. Click on the”View” link to start the corresponding message from Gmail, majority auto-forward the significant email to a different email address or use the Save Emails add-on to obtain the huge mails and attachments for your Google Drive.

Troubleshooting Hints: If you receive an error that states”Service invoked a lot of times for a single day” or even”Exceeded maximum performance time”, then you might choose to wait around for quite a while prior to re-running the app. All these are Google Apps Script.


If Your mailbox is big, you might set a trigger that is time-driven up To allow the script run without manual intervention. In this You can shut the browser and the script will operate in the background. Here is how:

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